Our Products

We confine our product base to Electric Fence Polyposts which are suitable for all type of electric fencing. this means that every SCM post can be used universally with 40mm and 20mm tape, wire, wire rope and twine, all of which we can supply.

The posts are produced in 2 sizes, commonly referred to as 3ft tall and 4ft tall. the actual heights above the ground, when in use as part of an electric fence system are 35 inch / 89 cm and 47 inch / 120 cm

The plastic we use is sourced from within the UK and wherever possible we will include an element of recycled material sourced locally from other plants nearby. This material is recycled to a high standard by a Welsh based recycling company.

In the past, posts were produced as either green or black, but today’s market requires a range of colours and therefore we have different colours to offer customers. These include pink, white, orange, blue as well as black and green. Any colour can be produced, subject to volume demand.

The part of the post which goes into the ground is a round metal pointed rod, 8mm in diameter which is plated for long life. This rod is overmoulded during the injection moulding process, to ensure a good bond between the plastic and metal.

A unique design feature of SCM Electric Fence Polyposts allows the post to be used as a corner or tensioning post. To do this a SCM corner post adaptor (reg design) is used.

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